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Who are we?

The Factory of Alterseat was established since 1998 in Malaysia and conducted into digital business model in 2018.

In today’s era, people tend to focus on buying cheap price of chair and neglected the quality. In the end, the quality of chair negatively impacted their life such as low back pain. Hence, the purpose of establishing Alterseat is to provide the best comfy at factory price to customers.   

Alterseat also provide various customization of chair to customers which many furniture stores in Malaysia nowadays lack of. 

Why Alterseat?

“Alter” is refer to alternative; we are the alternative choice for customer worth to choose. Where “seat” is refer to sitting posture; our concern upon customers’ sitting posture and comfy. 

We wish we can make positive impact to the world by improving people’s sitting posture with reasonable price of chair. 

Why us?

Premium Quality

Manufacturer-direct Model

Free chair samples service

Free Delivery*

Free Customization

Easy and Simple Assembly

Lowest price guarantee

We provide various customisations of chairs for you to customise at your own to let you feel your freedom and uniqueness