What is High Density Cold-cure Foam?

What is High Density Cold-cure Foam?

by Alterseat Chair on Nov 17, 2021

The most distinguishable feature of a moulded cushion over a regular foam cushion is its quality. Once you go moulded, you’ll never go back. Unless of course, you’re talking about the shape of your cushion. That’ll always go back. Trust us—we’ve tested them in every possible way.


That’s why we’ve opted for cold-cure moulded foam, a plastic foam renowned in the furniture industry as the superior quality seating choice. Gone are the days of misshapen seats and ill-treated behinds.


 Cold-cure moulded foam, as its name suggests, is produced without the application of heat. It is produced simply by mixing polyol and isocyanate with water and other additives, before being subjected to a relatively low-temperature foaming process. The resultant closed structure offers significantly greater compressive strength, effectively producing a material that is of excellent durability, yet possesses a soft firmness that provides comfort for extended hours of sitting. 


Cold-cure foam was developed in the early of 1970, and it has been upgraded into high density cold-cure foam. Considered one of the heaviest foam materials, high density cold-cure foam boasts a high weight—5 lbs or more— PCS (cubic per foot) and densities of 50-60 kg range. With strategically placed air pockets throughout the foam, they’ll handle all the pressure from your body, so you don’t have to. In other words, high-density cold-cure foam can withstand its shape and continuously provide comfort up to 5 years. 


Through the combination of these qualities (which, might we add, are amazing), high density cold-cure foam thus promises enhanced comfort, durability, and resistance to the tests of time. Rest easy and stay comfortable.

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