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CG-07 Plus Ergonomic Chair

RM1,019.90 RM1,699.90

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Adjustable Height and Angle Headrest

Height and angle of headrest can be adjusted and made with Luxe-touch Woven Fiber Netting.

3D Adjustment Armrest

Armrest's height is adjustable, allowing you to move them up and down to meet your preference. You can move the arm pads backwards, forwards and rotate them for your best comfort.

High Density Polythene Moulded Foam 65p/m³ (Medium Type) with contour curved shape seat

50mm thickness foam made with chemical injection that do not deform overtime which offers 10 years of seat warranty and a shape designed based on human's hip to maximize sitting comfort and avoid slipping off covered with smooth and soft silk alike fabric.

Elastic, Breathable & Strong Thread with Luxe-touch Woven Fiber Netting Backrest

Modern style of netting with high elasticity, strong thread and breathable to enhance your backrest comfort experience to the maximum.

Adjustable Height Cushioned Lumbar Support with Rolling Mechanic

Built-in cushioned lumbar support can be adjusted upwards and downwards within 5cm to support your back based on your preference.

Nylon Built Body

Nylon: one of the strongest and durable materials in the furniture industry; used on this chair to assure your long-term safety while using it.

Intuitive Recline Detector Mechanism

Recline tension detects the user's weight automatically. Save the hassle tilting the knob to adjust the recline tension, increased mobility and comfort, you can now stay focused and engaged.

Heavy-duty Aluminum Base and Anti-noise Chrome Steel PU Casters

Smooth and stable bottom of the chair provide you a safe and sound experience when sitting on it.

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