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KCE-170 Ergonomic Chair

RM579.90 RM799.90

2D Adjustable Height and Angle Headrest

Height and angle of headrest can be adjusted and made with high density sponge wrapped with soft and silky fabric.

2D Adjustment Armrest

Armrest's height is adjustable, allowing you to move them up and down to meet your preference, You can move the arm pads backwards, forwards for your best comfort.

Adjustable Height Lumbar Support

Lumbar support can be adjusted upwards and downwards within 5cm to support your back based on your preference.

Nylon Built Body

Nylon: one of the strongest and durable material in furniture industry; used on this chair that assure your long-term safety when using it.

Heavy-duty Nylon Base and Anti- noise PU Casters

Smooth and stable bottom of the chair provide you a safe and sound experience when sitting on it.

Class 4 Gaslift

Body harden and quenched to the highest level to create the highest quality of chair with improved hardness, durability and stability.

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