经过 Shaun Tan Feb 13, 2023

Get your loved ones a special gift this Valentine's Day


There’s nothing like the warmth of giving gifts to your loved ones. And to be honest, there’s no need to wait for the holiday season to extend that love. Show how much you appreciate them with gifts that they’ll surely love — it can be something they mentioned in passing, or something you see that they might need.

If you need ideas on what to get to make your loved ones feel special, here are three gifts you can give any time of the year, holiday season or not. 


1. Scented candles & candle warmer

Who says that scented candles are only for romantic moments? If you’re not yet aware, scented candles are on a continuous rise as a trend. It has become a new way of getting some therapy — relaxation therapy, that is. 

If you go with this, your choices are endless: with dazzling scents that can range from your common lavender profile to the scent of black tea, and even peanut butter! If you’re looking to help them be more productive, some scents help stimulate the brain into overdrive, leaving them focused and smelling a great scent all day. 

As a companion, you can throw in a candle warmer together with that candle. A candle warmer helps bring out the aroma of the candle without having to light the wick. This helps avoid the build-up of soot in the room and conserves the candle’s wax. It also makes the candle last longer and stronger. The candle warmer helps alleviate concerns about leaving an open-lit fire while they’re asleep or out of the room, as it doesn’t need to be lit with fire. All you need is a light bulb and zip-zap-zoop, it’s lit. Candle warmers come in all shapes and sizes, they can also serve as a great piece for any home.

2. An ergonomic chair 

This gift list wouldn’t be complete without an ergonomic chair. If you’ve seen your loved one experience back pain, or if they’re having trouble being productive ‘cause of it, then it’s the perfect time to gift them a chair they’ll love. 

Ergonomic chairs make for a perfect present for loved ones. It will bring them comfort while sitting, and it will aid in attaining good posture in ways that non-ergonomic chairs won’t be able to provide.

There are countless types of ergonomic chairs to seat all shapes and sizes. We suggest you let the recipient in on the gift and let them come with you in picking out the right chair so they can express their preferences and needs. After all, the chair is for them, not you. Then, check in on them a week later and see if their mood and productivity has improved (spoiler alert: yes!).

Body pillows

Can’t hug your loved one? Maybe a body pillow in place of you will do! Sleeping while hugging a large and plush pillow goes a long way to drifting them right to slumberland. 

There are plenty of types of body pillows out there — there are short ones, wide ones, and even ones for pregnant women. And if you feel like going all out, we suggest going for ergonomic pregnancy pillows. Trust us when we say this has got to be one of the comfiest pillows you can use in bed. Your loved ones will feel the warmth and appreciate the thought you put into the gift. 

It’ll always be the thought that counts

Big or small, expensive or not, it doesn’t matter. Gifts are gifts, and your loved one will sincerely appreciate them no matter what. At the end of the day, it’s your care and thoughtfulness that matter.

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