Choosing the best ergonomic chair for you

by Shaun Tan

Ergonomic chairs are all the rage nowadays. But, not everyone knows how to pick the right chair for themselves (perhaps including you because you are here!) Don’t fret—we at Alterseat are here to help.

Before you get your butt on the perfect ergonomic chair, you need to do proper research first. Going in blindly through this process without thoroughly assessing your choice for a chair won’t only hurt you physically in the long run, but it could hurt your wallet, too. If you want to make sure that you are making the right decisions on this purchase, then this article is for you. Read on to see our step-by-step guide to get you started on your ergonomic chair hunt.

What is an ergonomic chair, and why should you have it?

Before we delve into the how-to, let’s acquaint ourselves with essential ergonomic chair knowledge. First off, from a lexicon standpoint, “ergonomic” derives from the Greek words “ergon”, which means work, and “nomos”, which stands for natural law or custom. As a modern-day school of thought, ergonomics is all about finding ways to work in accordance with our natural rhythm and physicality as humans. Simply put, it’s about making your workstation work for you. Guided by this definition, we could argue that an ergonomic chair isn’t like any other traditional chairs. In principle, it knows you, adapts to your needs, and does more work to give you great comfort instead of contributing to the feared side effects— like back pain, posture concerns— of a desk-centric work life. In a 2022 study, researchers have found that 64% of employees spend more than a whopping nine hours a day sitting at work. This statistic is a back pain-inducing wake-up call, pointing to the need for ergonomic chairs now more than ever. It’s a much-needed investment that’s sure to reap health benefits for anyone who uses it in the long run. If you’re reading this, slouched, perhaps it’s time to buy quality ergonomic chairs here at Alterseat.

Steps on how to choose the right ergonomic chair

Now that you have a clearer grasp of what an ergonomic chair is, it’s time to learn how to find “the one”, a.k.a. the ergonomic chair perfect for you. There are loads of choices out there in the market, so you have to be very meticulous as a customer. Go for the brand whose mission is to leave a positive impact on the world by providing comfort-focused chair choices to people.

Step 1: Identify who will be using the chair

Before anything else, answer this first: Who’s gonna sit on the chair you’re buying? If this purchase is solely a personal one, then you would only have to consider your needs and preferences in selecting an ergonomic chair. However, if you’ll be sharing it, you’ve got to make sure that the chair will fit well or is adaptable enough to make other users feel comfortable, too. Since the boom of work-from-home arrangement, people have had to meld their professional and personal lives as seamlessly as possible. However, we share our home with our family– so, chances are, even a workspace at home is a shared space, too. With this, will family members be using the ergonomic chair you’re shopping for? Your partner? Kids? If so, then keep them in mind throughout the process– or better yet, get them involved!

Step 2: Research for ergonomic chairs based on this ABCD criteria

One of the many great things about the digital era we live in is that shopping can be done 24/7. Take advantage of this and browse the web for ergonomic chairs. (Wanna get started? Try here.) There’s a potential downside to this, though. With the overwhelming amount of choices out there, decision paralysis could impede your ergonomic chair shopping. To help you narrow down your picks, here’s an ABCD criteria containing all the non-negotiables you should look for in an ergonomic chair.

A for Adjustability The entire philosophy of ergonomic chairs lies on the back of one important feature: adjustability. You should be able to adjust a chair’s various components independently of each other to achieve optimum comfort. These include adjustable armrests, seat pan height, as well as lumbar support. If you want to take customisation to the next level, consider other features like an adjustable angle headrest, seat slider mechanics, and a locking recline mechanism— all of which you can find in select Alterseat ergonomic chairs.

B for Back support Chairs with inadequate back support often cause back pain. To sustain your lumbar spine (lower back spine directly supporting your neck and head) and to keep your back’s natural curve, ensure that the ergonomic chair has a wide-enough adjustable lumbar support that “hugs” your back (between 12-19 inches). It should also be reclinable so you can comfortably shift postures to lessen the pressure on your lower back.

C for Comfortable materials The best ergonomic chairs are made of sturdy yet comfortable materials so you can sit and work comfortably. For example, Alterseat’s CG PRIME Gold Standard Ergonomic Chair has a Luxe-touch woven fibre mesh seat for excellent breathability— giving your back, thigh, and leg areas ample room to breathe while they give off moisture during extended periods of sitting. Meanwhile, the CG-07 Ergonomic Chair boasts its nylon-built body that ensures durability, and arm pads made from soft PU material for maximum arm comfort.

D for Detail-oriented build Your ergonomic chair should be well thought-out down to the tiniest detail. This means every aspect or feature of it should serve a unique purpose. Ask yourself: Do I need a footrest? An adjustable tilt seat pan? A headrest? Do I want vinyl chair coverings for easier cleaning, or cloth chair covers for breathability? Mull these questions over until you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in an ergonomic chair. Moreover, you might want to take aesthetics into consideration. Nobody wants an unattractive chair in their workspace. Good thing we have more choices that are sure to fit contemporary tastes. Take a look at Alterseat’s (Donati® Edition) CG Prime Gold Standard Ergonomic Chair — not only is it functional, its woven fibre design is also pleasing to the eye. Other details of this build include the Donati® Forward Tilt Function and the Recline Tension Adjustment Function so you can customise your sitting experience to the comfiest level.

Step 3: Check out authentic reviews for your top picks

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, go on and look for product reviews from real customers. Try to find these on the brand website, YouTube, or online forums with discussions on your chair picks. Alterseat is one of the chair brands that proudly share product reviews to help potential customers make an informed buying decision. See what people have to say about our chairs here — simply click on the item and select ‘Product reviews’.

Step 4: Go to the store and try out chairs before buying

Before saying “Yes” to your dream ergonomic chair, try it out first! The advantage of doing this is that you’ll know if the chair fits you well in the first place, leaving no room for regrets later on. Want to try Alterseat ergonomic chairs? Check out our numerous locations here.

Find the best ergonomic chair for you

Choosing the best ergonomic chair can be a huge undertaking. With that, we hope you find this step-by-step guide helpful in your hunt. Don’t forget our ABCD (Adjustability, Back support, Comfortable materials, Detail-oriented build) criteria to test against chair choices. To get started, browse Alterseat’s collection for award-winning, easy-to-assemble ergonomic chairs. Shop now!