The Ultimate Ergonomic Setup: Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle

by Shaun Tan on Jun 14, 2023

The Ultimate Ergonomic Setup: Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle

The Ultimate Ergonomic Setup: Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle

In the era of remote work and online studying, comfort and ergonomics have never been more crucial. From the office to home, having an ergonomic setup is vital in maintaining good health and productivity. Today, we explore the Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle - a unique collaboration offering the best ergonomic setup for your work from home (WFH) setup, office, or studying needs.

Two Malaysian brands, Alterseat and BALAK's, both known for their commitment to quality and comfort, have joined forces to bring you this exclusive combo. The bundle includes BALAK's Meja Static, a sustainable desk, and Alterseat's LIV-10 model, an ergonomic chair designed for your ultimate comfort.

BALAK's Meja Static BALAK's Meja Static

BALAK's Meja Static: A Sustainable Desk for Work and Study

BALAK’s interpretation of a classic home office staple, the Meja Static, is a model of sustainable and ergonomic desks. Made with 100% solid wood sourced in Asia, the Meja Static desk showcases a timeless silhouette of a solid wood tabletop and a black coated mold steel desk frame.

Ideal for a work from home set up or studying set up, this wooden desk for work or study has a load capacity of 100 KG and a table thickness of 34mm. The fixed height of 75cm ensures optimal ergonomics while sitting. Its modified table legs allow you to manage your cables with ease, creating a neat and organized workspace.

BALAK's Meja Static size

Available in a selection of sizes curated to suit your needs, this sustainable desk comes with a FREE 2-Year Basic Warranty. The option for a 2+1 year extended warranty on the tabletop and desk frame is also available at 10% of the product price.

LIV-10 Ergonomic Chair

LIV-10 Ergonomic Desk Chair: Comfort Redefined

The second part of this bundle is Alterseat's LIV-10 Ergonomic Desk Chair, designed with the sole purpose of providing the utmost comfort. Boasting adjustable features from head to waist, this chair promotes excellent posture, making it a perfect addition to any ergonomic setup.

The LIV-10 chair features an adjustable headrest that ensures an ergonomic position for your head and neck. Its breathable mesh material provides maximum comfort, critical for those long hours of work or study. The molded foam cushioned lumbar support fits perfectly to the natural curvature of your lumbar, offering increased comfort and support for your back.

The chair's foldable 2-D armrests are adaptable to various table heights and are perfect for maintaining a neat space. This makes the LIV-10 an excellent choice for any office setup or WFH setup. The chair's 3-Locking Recline Mechanism allows you to lock at three reclining angles, catering to your specific leaning needs.

By combining BALAK's Meja Static desk and Alterseat's LIV-10 ergonomic chair, the Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle offers an unparalleled ergonomic setup. Whether you're establishing your WFH setup, redesigning your office, or creating an ergonomic studying setup, this combo serves as an excellent choice.

Both products are designed with user ergonomics at the forefront. The sustainable and ergonomic desk and chair promise not just comfort, but also a lasting positive impact on your overall health and productivity.

In conclusion, the Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle embodies a perfect blend of ergonomics, sustainability, style, and durability. Ideal for any workspace, it promises to enhance comfort, increase productivity, and make working or studying a much more enjoyable experience.

The Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle is a testament to what can be achieved when two brands committed to quality, sustainability, and ergonomics collaborate. With this combo, you're not just buying furniture; you're investing in your health and well-being. Don't wait! Set up your perfect ergonomic setup today with the Alterseat x BALAK's Combo Bundle.