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Smart Desk

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Let's welcome a new addition to our Alterseat product line, our first ever Smart Desk. 

The Smart Desk complements your chair and gives you the extra comfort you need. This customised table is tailored to match your demands, be it while standing or sitting. 

  • Smart Memory Programmable Presets

Do you prefer having your table customised at a certain position, yet find it difficult to remember it? The Smart Desk has 3 intelligent memory programmable presets that helps you recognise and save your preferred desk positions at any time and day. With just a click of a button, your table will switch to your favoured arrangement be it sitting, standing, or as low as a height of a bean bag and can hold up to 3 memory spaces. 

It also comes with a smooth-surfaced touch screen where you can easily adjust the table height and lock it by touching on the numbered profiles. Enjoy seamless control without any hassle with a touch screen that reacts upon contact. 

  • Triple Lifting Column

The Smart Desk comes with a strong support, which is the triple lifting column. This column is meant to withstand high pressure and up to 130kg of heavy weight. It is made for supporting ergonomic desks and it also glides smoothly according to any height with stability. You can feel at ease and have all your essential items on your desk, worry-free.

  • 25mm Thickness Melamine Chipboard

Smart Desk is accompanied by a durable melamine chipboard with 25mm thickness. A sturdy and smooth surface for you to lean and work on. 

  • Dual-motor Electronic Gear

Built exquisitely, the dual-motor electronic gear moves the table impeccably at any angle. Assembled on both steel bases of the Smart Desk, these electric gears can perform twice as competent as other tables. This motor system has undergone multiple pressure tests and quality control to give you a better experience that you deserve.

  • Obstacle Detector

The Smart Desk includes an obstacle motor detector to identify any blockage or obstructions below your desk. This feature is a safety measure as the desk will pause in movement until your environment is secure.

  • 5 years warranty

Warranty will cover all electrical parts for 5 years. Desks have undergone QC and testing to ensure the best and durable product you will ever have.

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