10 Ways to avoid back pain before your 50s

by Shaun Tan on Feb 20, 2023

10 Ways to avoid back pain before your 50s

10 Ways to avoid back pain before your 50s

Ah, the good ol’ backache. Nothing like a stinging and lingering pain in your lower back to tell you, “You’re getting old, kiddo”. All that shenanigans from your youth are finally catching up to your body. Don’t freak out, though! You still have a fighting chance to help prevent or reduce that nagging pain down the line. These simple habits can go a long way in bringing you relief and assurance that your back will be safe from being cracked. 


1. Move/Stretch more

A common cause for back pain can be the sustained hours of being stagnant. This can be especially true if you have bad posture to begin with. Stretching those muscles and joints can help in bringing ease to your future self. 


2. Be cautious of how you lift

Hearing somebody say, “Ugh, my back!” whilst carrying something isn’t unusual. After all, there are correct and incorrect ways of carrying heavy loads. Just like how weightlifters study and practise their form, the same should be done by folks like us. Make sure to avoid putting stress directly on your back. Instead, practise a straight body form and avoid carrying with a bent back. Make sure to let your legs and arms do the work, not your back! 


3. Watch your weight

People take it for granted, but your spine is responsible for offloading all the weight of that quadruple cheeseburger you recently had. Kidding aside, be weary of how much weight you put on. Your spine, after all, has its limits, too! Keep your weight within a healthy level and make sure to continuously work at maintaining a healthy relationship with it. Don’t go overboard, of course – just do what’s needed for a healthy and joyous life. 


4. Take supplements

As the body gets old, it needs some extra help to get the nourishment it needs. The same can be said for bones. Bones degrade and lose their strength and structure over time. To help, supplement your meals with a healthy dose of vitamins like vitamin D and calcium as these are crucial in keeping those bones tough as a, well, a bone!

This goes without saying, but consult your physician or doctor first before taking any supplements. 


5. Invest in an ergonomic chair

Long hours sitting in your uncomfortable and raggedy chair can cause acute discomfort to your lower back. Most chairs don’t even come with the right support for your unique body, that’s why body aches are common. 

This is where ergonomic chairs come in. Designed to better suit and support your body’s needs, the ergonomic chair is a must-have for any work or study setup. With its convenient adjustable features and a design to help correct your posture, it won’t be a shock if within a month or two you’ll notice a change in your overall health. 


6. Exercise!

Exercising is a great way to strengthen an area of your body. Luckily enough, there are plenty of workouts and activities that you can do to help reinforce the back. Strengthening the muscles around the spine and your back can help give it support and avoid any injury and pain. In short, work on your core muscles. 

If you’re unsure how to go about this, some coaches and physicians can help you navigate the ins and outs of a good, quality exercise. And if you have the time, YouTube university will always be there to aid you.


7. Learn to unwind

It’s proven that your state of mind can greatly affect your overall health. This also applies to your back pain. Avoiding any stress can help ease your body to a more soothing and relaxing state, rather than it being all tense and causing you discomfort. 

Watch a film, or go outside for a leisurely walk. It can be anything under the sun, as long as it helps clear your mind of unwanted stress. With this, your body will be in tip-top shape, too. 


8. Eat right

What you eat is a reflection of who you are. Sadly, unhealthy food quickly shows its effects on your body. You end up being sluggish and overall in a not-so-pleasant mood. But how is this related to back pain, you say?

Back pain can come from a plethora of outcomes. From poor posture to uneven or overbearing stress. But often overlooked is the diet. What you eat will always affect your physiological workings. A poor diet of grease and fat won’t do your back any favours. Instead, opt for meals that will benefit your well-being. 


9. Pay attention to your posture

Maintaining good posture is the most overlooked habit when it comes to keeping yourself healthy. Neglecting it lends to subtle and quiet adverse effects, like a tiger hunting its prey. But, prolonged incorrect posture can result in permanent damage and overall lower quality of life. Some examples of these are, slouching, uneven sitting position and bending down your neck. 

So always be mindful of how your posture is. If you catch yourself slouching, then go and correct it. Invest in proper ergonomic furniture around the house to help make it easier for you, and if not, be cautious. Good posture equals a good life.


10. Put out that ciggy

Cigarettes are a known cause of lung diseases. But, did you know they also contribute to back pain? Yes, that’s right. Smoking restricts oxygen from your blood, causing less nourishment to get to your spine. It also restricts blood flow to disks of the spine, which can cause it to dry up or even rupture.

Prevention will alwÍays be better than a cure

Now is the perfect time to take steps to care for your back. We can’t avoid old age, but you sure can do yourself some favours by practising healthy habits. Simple tasks and activities can be done with more care. Meals can be given some more thought. There are plenty of micro and macro things you can do that will ultimately add up to your back’s well-being. So, start now while you’re young, and you’ll see that your back will have your back (pun intended)!

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