Why you should have an ergonomic chair in your workspace

by Shaun Tan on Feb 17, 2023

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Why you should have an ergonomic chair in your workspace

From standing desks to monitor arms, there’s still nothing like an ergonomic chair to round up your workspace setup. And it’s no secret that having the best workspace is a hot thing right now. Whether it’s for your office or your work-from-home space, making sure you’re all set up for comfort and success is a must! So, time to get rid of that crusty old chair you've been suffering on. Read through this article on why you should have an ergonomic chair in your workspace. 

Benefits of having an ergonomic chair

You might ask yourself, “why would I need a new chair when the one I have gets the job done?”. That question is valid, of course, but does your chair give you relentless comfort? Does it enforce good posture habits? Those are just some of the aspects that typical non-ergonomic chairs miss out on. So, sit tight as we go through some of the benefits of having an ergonomic chair that fits you!


Constant posture support

The biggest gripe with non-ergonomic chairs is the missing posture support. Unlike other chairs out there, ergonomic chairs are designed to address the needs of your body. To add to that, these chairs have endless amounts of adjustability to fit your specific needs.

With poorly-designed chairs, posture is an afterthought. Lumbar support, tilting backrest, and adjustable armrests are some of the features that normal chairs cut corners on. And if you don’t know anything about what makes a good posture-supporting chair, just know that these 3 key features are the pillars of a well-designed ergonomic chair.

Alleviates back pain

If you’ve ever felt a stinging pain in your lower back or general pain in the area, then that's the result of poor back support from your chair. If we’ve learned anything from studying the human body, it’s that the spine isn’t as straight of a line as we thought it to be. Our backs have a natural “S” curve that helps offload the weight of the upper body. So, it would make sense to get a chair that fits your back’s needs, right?

When you think of a chair, you see straight lines and hard angles, which is a big no-no for long hours at the desk. That’s where ergonomic chairs come in. With its curved backrest and lumbar support, rest assured that your ergonomic chair’s got your back!

We cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your back when sitting for long periods of time. The majority of body pain from work stems from the poor back support. This can easily be alleviated by having an ergonomic chair that fits your spine just like a glove!

Increases productivity 

Think about it, if you’re spending less time addressing and worrying about the pain you get from your chair, then you’ll have more time to be productive. And as an added benefit, you’ll even have a clearer state of mind. 

Studies show that suboptimal working conditions can result in less productivity. If you want to get the best results, you have to set the right conditions to do so. That could range from ample lighting, a peaceful environment and comfortable chairs. There are plenty of factors that affect productivity, but if you want an easy place to start, try nailing down your ergonomic chair first. 

Adaptable to your work environment

Whether it’s your on-site office or work-from-home setup, an ergonomic chair will help tie it all together. The beauty of ergonomic chairs is that they have a range of uses and a plethora of adjustments that help adapt to your setup and needs. With this, the ergonomic chair can fill in many roles and with its no-fuss comfort and efficiency, it does so without breaking a sweat. 

It helps you feel confident while working

There’s nothing like second-guessing your work to make you feel inadequate. But did you know your chair can actually affect this feeling? Other than promoting good posture, ergonomic chairs help boost worker wellness and overall mood in the workspace. With a proper foundation when sitting, and a good posture support system, you can feel more in one with your flow. And we’d be remiss if we don't mention that the comfort and security an ergonomic chair provides can help chip off the stress and, in turn, helps get you to your goals.

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Working can be stressful enough, there’s no need to add to that by having an uncomfortable chair. And if you’re slouching while reading this, then it might be high time to get that ergonomic chair for a change.

If you’re looking to find the next addition to your workspace, try an ergonomic chair first! Here at Alterseat, we provide only the best ergonomic chairs to get you to that comfy nirvana that is posture support! What are you waiting for, get your workspace ergonomic chair now! 



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