5 Simple & Sweet Hacks to Make Work More Enjoyable.

by Shaun Tan on Nov 17, 2021

5 Simple & Sweet Hacks to Make Work More Enjoyable.


5 Simple & Sweet Hacks to Make Work More Enjoyable. 

Work Shouldn't Hurt. Whether you're working from home or in the office, we hope these 5 simple sweet hacks would boost your morale and productivity while maintaining good physical health. 

1. Take care of your eyes by following the 20/20/20 rule. 

Staring at a backlit device such as a smartphone or laptop all day is straining on your eyes. The 20/20/20 rule reduces this. Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and let your eyes wander over something six meters (20 ft) in the distance. 

2. Schedule some time to meditate.

Even if it's just 10 minutes. Taking just a little bit of time to sit, chill, breathe in, and breathe out can make a big difference to the flow of your day. If you're new to meditation, start with an app like Headspace, which guides you through the process. 

3. Break Your Workload Into Chunks.

Some people follow a work routine known as the Pomodoro Technique. You basically slice your daily workload into small manageable chunks of 25 minutes. Then rest and unwind for 5 minutes, and then back to work. Give it a go and see if it suits you! 

4. Make a habit out of drinking herbal teas. 

There is herbal tea for everything. Green tea is an excellent energy-boosting alternative to coffee that works just as effectively. Don't be a caffeine fueled-addict, it's not good for health. 

5. Bring a large water bottle when you work. 

Have you ever been 'in the flow' only to realise you're out of water and you're really thirsty? What happens then? You compromise your deep focus session by heading down to grab a refill. Then you stumble upon a funny episode of Brooklyn-99 downstairs, and suddenly, the rest of the day is spent lazing on the couch. Carrying a larger water bottle is the best way to ensure hydration throughout your work. Protect that 'zone of focus' to maintain high productivity levels. 

These hacks are pretty simple but have substantial positive implications when applied. Let me know how it works for you, and share it with someone who you know needs this too!