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BEST QUALITY of chairs with the LOWEST PRICE to our customer

Due to this world pandemic, we need to work from home. To improve your work efficiency and   comfortable work, why not change your office chair at home or office! All their chairs are handmade by the Alterseat team,  with the best quality of materials to serve you the best comfortably. Why we should choose Alterseat because they provide us quality chairs with affordable price because they take manufacturer-direct model that selling at factory price. The seat colour and arm design, you can customize order depending your office or your workspace interior. The founder of Alterseat, Mr. Ben found his own factory when he was only 20years old in 2017. He had some working experience at his father’s factory which is established in 1988. Mr. Ben established his own business model which take advantage of using digital platform. That is why they can provide best quality chairs with the lowest price to their customers without any hassle.  

•Photo caption: the best quality of materials to serve you the best comfortably. The More You Purchase, The More Discounts and Benefits You Get!

For WFH, which chair is the best for you?
I’m an editor from Senyum and now I’m work from home. I’m using normal office chair without any function now. Which is not bad, but for long term desk work, I have some problem like backache or shoulderache, feel very tired every day.  I found Alterseat from website, and I decided to buy quality chair for my own. I’ve got advice which chair is suitable for me from Mr. Ben who is founder of Alterseat.

Senyum: I visited your website and I choose these 3 models by my budget and design. Which is the best choice for me?

Mr. Ben: REVO-101 is very comfortable chair with lowest price. But it has no lumbar support. For long term deskwork like you do, I recommend you the model DT-330 Prime or CG-07.

Senyum: What is the difference between these 2 models? Could you please share more detail?

Mr. Ben: Both model have lumbar support so that it helps to reduce to get backache. They have auto recline tension and 3D adjustable armrest, which will help to take your refreshment and relax time during your work. CG-07 is the latest model which has released this year. So that more features than DT-330 such as adjustable cushioned lumbar support with rolling mechanics, 2D adjustment headrest. Between DT-330 and CG-07, their size are similar but CG-07 is slightly taller and make itself looks bulky. However i will still suggest you to get DT-330 if you have a limited size of room.

Senyum: Thank you very much for your advice. Yes, now I’ll take DT-330