6 Ways to Make Your Space More Productive

6 Ways to Make Your Space More Productive

经过 Alterseat Chair Nov 17, 2021

1. Move Your Desk Setup Near A Window. 

Be strategic about your positioning! Studies suggest that the presence of natural lights can help encourage alertness, drastically decrease stress, improve the mood and elevate productivity in the process. Aside from that, you can incorporate the 20/20/20 rule of looking out of the window every 20 minutes can help reduce eye strain.


2. Consider A Standing Desk Setup.

Let’s face it. We spend hours in our seat every day. Standing desks can help combat the negative effects of sinking our buts in our chair all day. The negative implications from long term sitting includes but are not limited to: increased blood pressure and sugar levels, poor levels of cholesterol, and an enhanced risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The need for a standing desk is extremely crucial for work productivity, which is why Alterseat has introduced an adjustable height table with hydraulic gear. This helps ensure your productivity levels away from the desk and seat can still be maintained.


3. Invest In An Ergonomic Chair. 

What chair are you sitting on right now? That’s right, we’re watching you. 

An ergonomic chair is important because it can help reduce physical discomfort and prevent sore neck, and back. But, we know you're smart enough to know how a bad spine can affect your health when you get older. For this collection, we would suggest the DT-330 prime from Alterseat that helps reduce the implications of bad posture from a poorly designed chair.


4. Keep A Plant Nearby.

With the company of a plant by the side, it will certainly help boost psychological well being as well. Research suggests that the presence of living plants can generally help improve work performance. They also help to purify the air in the office, reduce the chance of you getting sick, and elevate mood and overall happiness. 


5. Other Accessories With Enhanced Ergonomics. 

You probably want to reduce strain on the wrists and arms. Investing in a good quality mouse pad with a wrist rest helps ensure you don’t suffer from any discomfort that might hinder a productive and quality day of work. 


6. Making Things Accessible.

Whether it’s documents, files, or stationary. You want to make sure most of the daily tools can be accessed within an arm's length. This is to avoid breaking your focus as you’re already seated and concentrated. 


Essentially, the art of being productive allows us to achieve more with less hours. Following these tips can help make sure we pay attention to working on the things that matter, without damaging or causing discomfort to our eyes, wrist, arms, neck or posture. For our previous articles, feel free to browse our blog here.