5 Ways to improve your health

经过 Shaun Tan Feb 20, 2023

5 Ways to improve your health

5 Ways to improve your health

The hustle and bustle of life can be overwhelming for anyone. With an onslaught of schedules to go over and tasks to get done, people tend to skip out on taking care of themselves. You might be on a roll with your work, but when was the last time you’ve cut yourself some slack and took care of yourself? Skimping out on this can lead to being burnt out, and even complications in your health. That said, here are some things you can do to help improve your state and mood. Taking these steps can increase productivity, too, and keep that body of yours a well-oiled machine.  


1. Eat healthier 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since the introduction of super-processed food and fast food, people have declined in health. Obesity is now a global problem. As a result, countless ailments are arising. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health problems are just some examples. Don't worry, the solution here is simple: Assess your relationship with food and take action on what you’re putting into your body. 

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat”. This couldn’t be any truer in today’s world. Super-processed foods like cheeseburgers and fries are full of unwanted properties. This can cause you to lag and even feel sluggish at times. But eating healthier meals can help negate this. Getting some greens and good protein in you can do wonders. 

You can start with home-cooked meals; there’s nothing like a soul-filling meal made with your own hands. And if that’s too much work, there are services out there that take care of those for you – services that prep and give you a proper meal plan according to what your body needs. 


2. Get that body moving (exercise!)

The body was made to move; it wasn’t designed to sit or lie down for days on end. Do so and you’ll end up having muscle atrophy, and you wouldn’t want that, correct? So get off your sofa or bed and start stretching, exercising and whatever you can to get you moving more and more.

Physical activities can help improve your metabolism and get you into an overall great mood. We suggest investing time in a sport you’ll love. It can be cycling, running, swimming and even walking. All of these can have a drastic effect on your overall health. And remember, it’s not the amount of work that’s important, but the quality and consistency of it. 


3. Invest in your environment and ergonomic solutions

Just as your internal state is important for your well-being, your environment also plays a huge part in bringing in good energy. Your place of work, living conditions, and where you choose to spend your time can drastically affect your health, whether you like it or not. 

To address this, giving your room and workplace a makeover can help. Give it a sense of breathing and lightness through plants, adequate lighting and even ergonomic furniture. Always keep in mind that your space is also a reflection of your state. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, and so on. So invest in your environment and make it yours! Make it a safe space for you. 


4. Take care of your mental health

The brain can only handle so much until it breaks down. Overloading it with work and not giving yourself time to breathe and tackle those head-on can be overbearing. When overlooked, your mental health can degrade and cause you unwanted emotions and thoughts that greatly affect your state and overall performance. So, it’s important to cut your brain some slack. Give it some time to breathe, recover, heal and even just bum for a moment or two. That’s the whole point of vacations, right? To unwind and recharge yourself. So take advantage of opportunities like those. 

If that’s not an option yet, then dedicate time to unwind by doing things you love and are passionate about. It can be your hobbies like painting, building Gundam model sets, or just taking a stroll in the park. Invest in your passions, and don’t forget that these are also tools that help you improve your state of mind.

And if those options are out of the window, perhaps you can do a simple unwinding session and watch a movie. Reward yourself for getting through the day with a good and fulfilling meal. Take yourself out on a date and learn more about yourself. 


5. Get out more and seek the sun!

There’s nothing like natural light to get your day started. When you wake up, make sure to make time to absorb some natural sunlight. This increases your overall mood and jumpstarts your brain for the day ahead. Being in the dark corners of your room all the time can be unhealthy– it can affect your worldview and your state of mind. Combat this with natural light. Short walks, or just spending slow mornings while you enjoy your breakfast or cup of coffee are enough. Just chase the sun, and you’ll see a change in yourself and your outlook in life. 

Be you, but keep it healthy

All the tips we gave are undoubtedly good, but remember to always keep it close to your comfort and take it slow. There’s no need to compare yourself to others and their progress. You are on your path and your journey. So be patient, be loving and be kind to yourself. The first and biggest wall in improving your health will always be you. Get past that and you’ll be in the clear. Nothing but smooth sailing from there on out.