7 Things that will improve your work or study space

经过 Shaun Tan Feb 20, 2023

7 Things that will improve your work or study space

7 Things that will improve your work or study space

Whether for work, studying or hobbies, having the best setup for your workspace is crucial in getting things done. This space has to reflect your processes and workflow, tailored to you and no one else. To add to that, it has to be functional and organised to help reduce clutter. In return, it'll help give you a clearer state of mind. ‘Cause you know what they say: A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind! Not unless you enjoy organised chaos, then shoot for it, no foul there.

If you’re just starting to build your desk setup, it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start, what to get, and so on. Don’t fret though, here at Alterseat, we’ll cover what we deem are the essentials to building a great workspace for you. Read on to find out more.


1. Sitting/standing desk

Did you know that sitting for hours on end can also hurt you? Studies show that prolonged sitting can cause an increase in complications like diabetes, among others. Here, your body ends up being stagnant, leading to pain and discomfort. We aren’t designed to sit for days on end. It’s a silent killer, and as they say, “Sitting is the new smoking”.

And that’s where sit/stand desks come in! These desks are designed to get the user out of their chair and get their body stretching and moving. With just a press of a button, your desk can be a versatile canvas for work while standing. And if that's too fancy for your taste, there are hand-cranked ones to nudge some extra workout in you. Doing this a few hours a day can help improve your health and overall joy at what you’re doing. 


2. Ergonomic chair

In your workspace, you are the captain sitting on the chair. And as with any sea voyage, the captain’s chair is held in high regard. Now, as a captain, you wouldn’t want your chair to be a dilapidated piece of old plastic, right? You need the right chair for the job! You need a chair to comfortably work in, day in and day out.

Ergonomic chairs solve the problem. They don’t only look good, but they feel great too! And if you’re reading this article, chances are you already know what an ergonomic chair is. Having a great ergonomic chair will bring a newfound layer of productivity and comfort to your work. With features like lumbar support and a tilting backrest, you’ll feel like a captain any day of the week. Combine that with the ergonomics and health benefits of standing desks – your body will thank you for this.


3. Audio setup 

Having a good audio setup can do wonders for your ears, not to mention, make you sound like a pro in calls and meetings. But, when people set up their workspace, the audio side is often overlooked. Instead, they end up opting for whatever horrible-sounding equipment they can find. With this, the ears can get easily fatigued and the mics’ audio can be unpleasant for the receiving end of your call. 

This is why you should invest in gear that will bring nirvana to your ears. A good mic, speaker and headphone combo can now be bought affordably. And to add to that, they're usually already bundled for less headache. Good audio gear can go a long way in enjoying your workspace. It can be through listening to music, an audiobook, a podcast or even ASMR. Just know that good audio = happy ears. 


4. Cable management/file organisers

There’s nothing like a clean space to work in to get the mind pumped up and ready for the day. And if you’re like any other person out there, you know how distracting it can be to have clutter around. They can be tools for procrastination and distraction. That’s why having a clean and organised space to work in is vital. Nobody wants to see that cable spaghetti mess you have, nor do they want to see piles of paper left and right. 

Get organised with simple accessories to make your clutter say bye-bye. Use reusable cable ties to bundle and neatly wrap your cables. Have dedicated storage for all your tools and belongings. Utilise old furniture or containers, or better yet, build one if you can’t afford one. Got things you can hang up on the wall? Use a pegboard or a cork board to pin notes too. As long as you build a system, tidying up your workspace is going to be easy-peasy. 


5. A good keyboard & mouse combo

Ah, the keyboard and mouse. An essential part of any setup, whether it’s for work, or leisure. Funnily enough, for some communities, the keyboard and mouse are their leisure. That said, these two devices are the only other contact points you’ll have with your computer. All the more reason to make this feel like an extension of that and have it offer you an awesome and tactile experience. 

If you’ve been noticing lately, the keyboard and mouse have gained a cult following, springing up every possible type of typing and mouse experience there is — from clickity-clackity mechanical keyboards to soft and plush membrane ones; from ergonomic mouse to light-as-a-feather gaming mice. You’ve thought of it, they have it! No matter your setup, having the right devices can go a long way in your work/study experience. So, make sure to cop a combo that you’ll love. 


6. Monitor arm/riser & laptop stand

So far, we’re already ticking the boxes of a great desk setup. But, we’d be remiss if we leave out an ergonomic way to look at your screen. These stands and risers help in bringing the screen to eye level, which eliminates the urge to look down or up at the screen. When this is done, the likelihood of strain in the neck goes down. And as a bonus, slouching will be avoided, which will help aid you avoid bad posture. 


7. Desk lamps/monitor light bar

Generally, there are two types of people: the early birds who are productive in daytime, and the night owls who are at their peak late at night. If by any chance you love working at night, well, you are part of the night owl club.

Unlike owls, we don’t see well at night. And harsh light and dark areas on your desk can cause some uneasiness and discomfort. That’s where monitor lights or desk lamps come in. This helps illuminate your workspace and reduce glare on your screen. If you can afford it, we suggest getting a monitor light bar. It’s the modern ergonomic version of the desk lamp. And if your budget is tight, then a good old lamp will do. Just make sure to change to build to a warmer colour to lessen the strain on the eyes.

Make your work/study space your safe space

We’ve all got different preferences and budgets when it comes to building work spaces. And we’ve all got wildly unique workflows and hobbies. There’s not a single perfect setup out there – it’ll always depend on one’s wants and needs.  But no matter the setup, remember that getting work done boils down to your drive, ambition, and desire to finish a task. Bring in the correct energy with you, make do with what you have, and improve things along the way ‘till your work or study space becomes the perfect space you want it to be.